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7 Tips for Business Travel

Business TravelBusiness travel — some love it, some loathe it. Not everyone is suited to this stressful, fast-paced business bustle, but when you have to endure it and you’re ill-equipped it can be a nightmare.

These 7 simple tips can ease the pain to make sure your business travel flows without a problem:

1. Be Nice

In an age where business travel is hard and lots of people are grumpy, many rushed travellers are less than polite to the people they encounter. Be nice to the people you meet (especially staff), it’s worth it. Not only will you feel good, they’ll be grateful, and who knows — you may even reap some benefits such as an upgrade to first class or a nice hotel room.

2. Pack Once (and Forever)

Keeping a travel bag packed and ready to go at all times can be a life-saver (well, almost). Don’t pre-pack clothes, of course, but instead the travel items you won’t need on a daily basis such as toiletries, accessories and gadgets etc. When you’re ready to go, simply pack some clothes and your laptop to fly out the door. This can save 15 minutes and a lot of stress beforehand.

3. Scan Your Documents

Before your next business trip, scan your important documents (such as your passport, travellers identity and any medical records) and send them to your email address. You never know when they may come in handy, and could even save your life when travelling abroad…

4. Tag Everything

If you’re someone who packs everything in little bags (one for shirts, another for underwear etc.), try placing your business card in each small bag. This could save you a lot of hassle and countless trips to lost and found should you happen to lose something.

5. Learn These Phrases

If you’re travelling abroad, learn these 4 key phrases: hello, thank you, please and goodbye. Those alone can open many doors, and the icing on the cake: I’m sorry, I don’t speak [insert language].

6. Connect & Meet

Before you travel, connect with people on social media around your destination and plan to meet up with them. Take them for a coffee or something to eat — you may pick up a new client or friend, and at the very least a new acquaintance.

7. Impress Your Clients

If you need to impress your clients (or just want to add some fun to a trip), rent a luxury car. It may cost more than the bus, but it won’t break the bank. And if they collect you from the airport, have them hold a board with your name to take the guesswork out of finding your chauffeur.

Whether you’re travelling to negotiate a deal or attend an important conference, business travel can be a nightmare. With these 7 simple tips you can ease the process, reduce the hassle and even reap some worthwhile benefits.

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