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The best ride you’ll ever have in a Mini Limo

Do you remember the time when the kids on the street brought new toys to play? A new skateboard, scooter or skates?

You felt envious as they whizzed along, cooler than ice. You had to get your hands on what they owned. You’d stroll up to them, practically begging for a go. And if they let you try it out, the feeling was sensational. With the wind in your hair and the tarmac flying beneath you — you felt like the chosen one.

Well now, instead of toys, it’s just one toy — and you have the chance to play with it. And instead of a toy, it’s the sweetest ride you and 7 others will ever have:

The One of a Kind Mini Limo

Limos have been around for decades, and we’re all used to seeing that white, stretched one roll around town. It’s losing its novelty, and it’s no longer such a big thing.

When a Ferrari limo hit the streets a few years ago, things changed. As it passed, everyone turned their heads thinking (and saying) “Wow!”. It was radical, unique — the new toy. But now that time has gone, what’s next?

Well, it’s happening again.

With a new Mini limo (the only Mini limo in the UK) — Crystal Chauffeurs can now take you places in a style you never imagined.

Boasting the most fashionable ride for 8 people, it rolls with 6 wheels, a Powerflow exhaust and a raised roof — it’s no longer a ‘mini’, but a beast! And it’s even better inside: with strobes, 30 different light shows, a dance floor and a disco roof — this new mini limo is hot. Really hot.

Where Do You Need to Go?

Prom, party or special night out — you’ll be the only people in the country riding in this car.

Whether it’s a quick trip or a long, exciting night out, you can be sure of a journey where everyone turns their head when you pass.

It really will be the best ride you ever have.

So what are you waiting for? The seats are filling up fast as this cool new limo takes to the streets — don’t miss the ride!

Crystal Chauffeurs offer you a reliable service and a courteous approach, taking you where necessary in style and on time. Questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us or connect with us on Facebook and Twitter.

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